Friday, December 23, 2005

Welcome to One Writer's World

Welcome to my blog!

For those of you reading this for pleasure, here's what this really is (no, not just some harmless blog!): This is my journal for my Applied Study Term at the University of Illinois, which officially started December 20. I'm doing a creative writing AST for Spring 2006, which means I'm basically doing a writing internship. I'm pretty pleased to announce that I'm the first Writer in Residence for the university's English Department as well - that's not only pretty darn exciting, it's also pretty good resume fodder!

What that means for this blog is that it will be 1) updated almost every day, because I will be writing just about every day (with the exception of the next couple of days - it IS Christmas, after all), 2) sometimes kind of technical and boring as the purpose of this journal is to explore not just what i did that day for my project but HOW I did it - learning about my writing style, what I need to write, what it takes to get published, etc, and 3) hopefully it will show my excitement for what I'm doing and my fears and successes and failures and me getting back up on the horse.

And finally, hopefully it will show me getting published by the end of the semester as well - I understand it takes a while, but I'm hoping for a stroke of good luck like I had last June: First submission anywhere, to an online journal called Toasted Cheese, and I got published in the June edition. That was pretty damn cool. Here's the link, hope the story doesn't scare you off:

Beautiful Medusa

I don't usually write anything that dark, but we were reading and analyzing Frankenstein in my advisor's class. Blame her! (haha, just kidding, Dr. Cordell) I'm trying to wrap my brain around two more stories for this and make it a series, and now when I do it I get clock time for it.

Alright, have to finish getting ready for work. If I don't update until after Christmas (but hopefully I'll do something noteworthy so I CAN), Happy Christmas and all that rot (I love Christmas, but I'm so tired of all the stuff that goes along with it).

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