Sunday, March 05, 2006

Catching up is hard to do.

Time Spent: 5 hours.

Yeah, that's right, five, count em F-I-V-E hours today. This is what happens when you get behind - you get to play catch up. I think my eyes are bleeding. No, seriously. Or maybe that's my sanity, leaking out in my tears.

Ok, enough melodrama. Like I said, catching up, and I did a lot of it. I spent most of the time researching journals. Last week I found a site called Literature Buzz that has somewhere around 2000 links (no, really) for journals, poetry, etc. It's completely nuts. So I'm thinking this would be a great place to find some journals that might be good places to send MS submissions.

I found a few. I'm not even halfway through the list (I spent a good four hours looking at links and I'm not even halfway - I told you there were a lot of links!) and a good portion of those were broken links, a good portion were links that still had a journal on them but the site hadn't been updated for quite a while. But there were a few good ones that hold some promise. And there are still quite a few more links to go through before I'm done looking.

What else did I do? Oh yeah, wrote a story. A piece of flash that's still untitled, I think. I know what the running title is, but I don't think that's the official title.

I'm putting my fried brain to bed now. Ugh. And I'll be doing this at least one more time during the week, if not twice.

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