Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's Spring - What's with this Snowstorm?!?!?

Time Spent: 5 hours.

I was supposed to go to campus tonight and talk to Joanna's CW2 class about this project and flash fiction. After tweaking "Styx" for the final draft and working more on "Show You Love," I worked more on prep for tonight. Only to have night classes cancelled at 2:45. Damn. I was really looking forward to tonight!

I was also supposed to meet Dr. Cordell and Joanna on campus for my site visit, which needed to get done two weeks ago. Instead, we did the site visit through email, which was an absolute riot. Now I just need to work on my mid-term evaluation.

Spent the rest of the night preparing a bit for my visit with Richard Newman at River Styx on Thursday, trying to work out questions I'm going to ask him. Talked to Joanna on the phone after the flurry of email and got some ideas to start me out, then thought of some more questions that might be appropriate. I'm nervous about the visit, but also excited. We also moved my CW2 class visit to next Tuesday the 28th. The weather better cooperate...

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