Friday, March 24, 2006

Time Spent: 2 hours.

Not a very exciting AST day today. Yesterday while at River Styx, Richard gave me a copy of their 30th anniversary edition and I spent the day reading most of that.

Styx is pretty heavy on poetry. I don't mind poetry, but I'd rather read prose. Poetry takes more concentration than I want to give it. But some of the poems are very good.

This is the second issue of River Styx I've read and I really like this journal. I wish it had more prose, but what it has, even though it's only four or five stories, is very good. The most interesting thing I'm learning from reading journals, particularly this one, is about creative non-fiction. I'm becoming more and more interested in trying to write some of that. I think it would be more difficult; after all, it's truth, but you have to write it so it's interesting. I don't know that my life is that interesting. But it would certainly be worth the effort.

I wish I could say more than this, but like I said above, not a very exciting day. The reading period for River Styx begins May 1, and I think I'm going to submit to it. I know I don't have anything about writing (ha), but I hope my work wouldn't be considered mediocre. Is it bad of me to hope that they'd consider my work more because I've met with the editor? No, seriously, I want any work I do to be considered because it's good. But a girl can dream about getting the easy way out, right? ::snort:::

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