Monday, March 06, 2006

(Writing) Exercises are Good for Me!

Time Spent: 3 hours.

I should just leave this for tomorrow, but I've caught a second wind and need to make this quick because I need to go to WalMart still. I know, I know, it's late (11:14 pm here in the midwest) but I promised myself that I would buy Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as soon as it came out on March 7. That's approximately 45 minutes. I DO have my priorities, and y'all should have known by now that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan (did you MISS the part about Bloomsbury USA the first ten times I wrote it? ).

Anyway - today, researched a few more links, lots more broken ones, a few good ones, a few out of that that hold some promise. You know, there are some really weird people out there...

I also attended my first meeting of SCBWI - Springfield at Barnes and Noble. We did quite a bit at the meeting, but if there was one thing I really got out of it, it was the writing exercises.

I hate writing exercises. I hated them the first time we had to do them in creative writing 1. I hated having to do them in creative writing 3. I hated the few we had to do online for creative writing 2. So it should come as no surprise that I've not done one writing exercise since starting this AST. HA! Well, I should be doing them, because I ALWAYS get something out of it. Tonight was no exception. We had to do two short ones. Lo and behold, I've finally got an idea for that children's book I wanted to write about Fletcher, my nephew ("The Monster Under the Bed" and "The Snowdragon" star all his older siblings). I'm a schmuck, what can I say? So I think tomorrow I'll be signing up for daily writing exercises. See, I learned something brand new. And I'm also going to find all my old writing exercises and see what I can make of them.

Ok, I have to go now. I really DO have to go to Walmart, for stuff other than GoF. but mainly for that! Happy Harry watching!

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