Saturday, March 04, 2006


Time Spent: 3 hours.

I picked up the latest copy of The Writer lit magazine a few days ago and finally got a chance to read it. Lots of intersting things in there, including a great article on creating conflict in children's literature. Other things of interest: "Practical wisdom for beginning writers", an article reviewing a book called Writing Brave and Free, which looks like something I'm interested in reading. The reviewer says it reads as easily as one of those Dummies guides and has excellent advice on everything writing related. And finally, an interview with poet Billy Collins, whose advise to writers on finding their voice is this: "I think you find your voice when you quit censoring yourself. It isn't external. It's inside you. The reason the young writer isn't using it is the voice is being suppressed, usually because of some kind of decorum. I ask young writers to examine themselves. What are you keeping out of your writing? Allowing those things into your writing is ultimately how you find your voice." (The Writer, April 2006, pg66)

The above really struck me because I'm not sure if I've found my voice yet. I have many things I like to write about, some things more than others, but like any writer, I have a desire to be fresh and new with what I'm creating. I don't want to fake my way through writing - by that, I mean I want who I am to come through in my writing, not something I've made up. Yet, is who I am good enough for the literary world? That's been a serious question on my mind lately. When it comes to essays, I am an extremely strong writer, but when it comes to creative writing, I'm not so sure yet. And I'm starting to feel like Carrie Bradshaw, so I'm going to shut my yap about that for right now. At any rate, it demands a bit more looking at.

Other stuff - looked at more online journals. That's about all for today. Tomorrow, more lit journals and some SERIOUS catching up with time - I'm sure you've noticed that I'm several hours behind for the week. I was stressed earlier in the week over a paper for another class. This week, I catch up and get ahead. Or else!

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